What you’ll need before you Start A Campaign

Before you begin, here a few things you should have ready in order to make the upload precedure go smoothly.

1. Write out your campaign message.

What is your project for?
Why does this campaign matter?
Who is part of your team?
What inspired the initial idea?

2. Make a meaningful video and compile your images.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Campaigns should include a video and images and/or other media that support the project’s story. A video can be very powerful and attract potential contributors to take a closer look at your project.

3. Consider costs when calculating your goal.

Understand the costs of the items you are trying to produce. Do your research. Take in to consideration shipping and packaging costs. Write down every possible expense and total it up. (And don’t forget to take into consideration our fee)

4. Choose rewards that contributors will like to receive.

Offer rewards that make your contributors feel part of the process, such as experiential experiences.
Provide limited quantities of your reward levels, special-edition rewards and other exclusive opportunities.
And when setting up reward levels, make sure to offer people a range of incentives. Some contributors can spare $250, some $25, some only $5. Every one of those count.

5. Know your community!

Before you launch, it is important to spend time finding and engaging the right audience for your project. Create a list of our contacts. Plan how you’ll approach press and bloggers. Do your homework!